Skill Sprint Academy - Frequently Asked Question

Skill Sprint Academy ‘classes’ are recommended to corporations that regularly employ several programmers and are unable to find accomplished professionals who are skilled just in the right technologies for them.

  • Experience shows that knowledge gained in an average bootcamp does not necessarily meet the requirements of future employers => further in-house or individual training is needed;
  • Internal trainings are often informal, get postponed due to urgent projects, or fall short of being comprehensive and in-depth, often resorting to quick fixes;
  • Integrating new employees into corporate culture and teamwork and establishing relationships takes time. Job seekers are attracted by the basic salary during the course, while a study contract protects the investment of the employer.

Skill Sprint Academy offers knowledge custom-fit to the company with comprehensive training over an intensive course, all before the student is “deployed” in a project; it also helps with inclusion by involving future colleagues during the training. New workers turn productive much sooner, providing faster returns on the initial investment.

  • The client may finance (in part or full) Skill Sprint Academy as an internal course covered by its vocational training levy if certain conditions are met.
  • Large enterprises may apply for subsidies offered under the GINOP-6.1.5 tender.
  • SMEs are provided vocational subsidies under VEKOP-8.5.3-17.

Contact us directly for information pertaining to subsidies.

  • We are DPC Consulting Kft., trainers, architects, consultants and developers;
  • We supplied Oracle Corporation with Java and Middleware educators since 1998;
  • We were an Authorized Sun Education Centre from 2000 until the acquisition;
  • We have been running our own courses since 2008 at various venues;
  • In addition to Hungary, we teach extensively in Scandinavia, the Benelux Countries, in the UK, Eastern and Southern Europe, and we also had projects in Oman, Moscow, Mauritius and the USA;
  • We ran the first Bootcamp-type training in Hungary in 2000 called JavaMaster.
  • We have our own software development and consultancy departments, many of our employees have graduated from one of our own bootcamp courses.
  • We founded a Java User Group (JUG)
  • Peter Varga, Vrg, lead educator, sw-architect, has been teaching the deepest depths of Java and Frontend since 2000
  • Geza Simon, partner, co-founder, Sun-certified (almost) everything, teaches since 1998
  • Ferenc Martin, teaches Java and JavaScript, with well over ten years of software engineering experience
  • Tibor Foris, senior software engineer and trainer, Java, databases, software security expert
  • Adam Nemeth, senior software engineer, agile expert and frontend guru, who leads and educates our developers too
  • Istvan Szmozsanszky, ’Flaki’, frontend ‘go-to authority’ and head trainer, member of Mozilla Foundation, permanent fixture of international conferences and workshops
  • Kalman Nagy, education director, who organized bootcamps in the ‘70s before they got their name, Oracle Hungary and Sun Microsystems alumnus

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